1978 — Elected delegate to South Dakota Republican Convention

1978 — Elected Chairman of the Beadle County Republican Party

1980 — Elected to South Dakota House of Representatives as a Republican, Re-elected in 1982 and 1984

1981 — Appointed by United States Senator Larry Pressler to serve on a ten person committee to recommend candidate for Federal Judgeship in South Dakota

1986 — Republican candidate for the United States House of Representatives

1992 — After being out-of-office for six years, was elected to the South Dakota House of Representatives as a Democrat, receiving re-election in 1994, 1996 and 1998

1997 — Nominated by Senator Tom Daschle for the position of Assistant Secretary of the Department of Interior for Indian Affairs

2000 — Elected to the South Dakota State Senate.
Served a combined 16 years in the South Dakota State Legislature.
Served as Assistant Majority Whip in South Dakota House of Representatives
Vice Chairman of House Judiciary Committee and Member of the House State Affairs Committee and House Bonding Committee
Co-Chairman of a Special Task Force on Water Development in South Dakota
Appointed by Governor William Janklow as a charter member of the South Dakota Railroad Authority
Member of the State Indian Affairs Commission and the South Dakota Code Commission
Co-Chairman of the South Dakota Penitentiary Study Commission
Member of the State Indian Affairs Commission
State Indian Negotiating Committee in South Dakota Legislature
While a member of the South Dakota State Senate, served on the Commerce, Transportation and Retirement Laws Committees

2002 — Candidate for Governor of South Dakota

2002 — Won nomination of the Democratic party for Attorney General of South Dakota.  Received Democratic Party Nomination for Attorney General again in 2006 and 2010

2003 —Elected Huron City Commissioner.  Served as City Commissioner in charge of Huron Department of Parks and Recreation and Huron Street Department, Public Service Committee and City Commissioner in charge of Huron Department of Recreation and Huron Street Department

2003 — Appointed legal counsel for the South Dakota Democratic Party

2003 — Appointed by Governor Mike Rounds to Governor’s Task Force on Correction Reform

2004 — Candidate for Mayor of Huron, South Dakota